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Chongqing ZiJia Kitchen Food Co.,Ltd.. has 300 employees. It was founded in 2008. Its predecessor was Chongqing Own Kitchen Seasoning Factory founded in 1995. The company has been committed to promoting Chinese food culture, in line with the spirit of "diligence and pragmatism", "pioneering and innovative", regarding product quality as the life of the enterprise, and constantly developed its own Sichuan spicy seasonings, such as brine, hot pot seasoning, spicy fish seasoning, which are deeply loved by consumers. Established in 1995, the company has developed from a small workshop. Under the leadership of our chairman, Mr. Zhang Wei, after nearly 20 years, it has developed into three companies: its own group (American) company, its own group (Hong Kong) company and its own kitchen food company in Chongqing. 

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